Old Man Rant

Have I allegedly “asked” the youths to get off my lawn?
Do I complain about the noise they now play on the KROQ?
Blokes should still open doors for others right!?
Windsor and half Windsor knots have a place in society que no?
Also let’s face it…Christmas and/or other holidays are a big commercial racket?

 Yet…even as I fight this new technologie I thank Just Dance for introducing my ramblers to the William Tell Overture.

Morning of September 11 2001

I plopped down at my work chair and with a cup of coffee in hand turned the knob on the radio to KROQ. In minutes Ralph Garman on the airwaves started to talk about planes and New York and with an impulse I changed the station to Howard Stern. 

From moment to moment the news grew bleaker and then someone rolled the office TV out. The rest of the day flew by. We watched through the glass the pain of men, women and children at the other side of the nation. We worried about our own and knew the wold was changing in front of our eyes. On this day…every year hence I’m reminded of the fragility of life and the ugliness of people at their worst. 

Luckily for me I witnessed a throng of little minds pledging allegiance at their school today and it gave me hope.