A walk a near mile in the Cold

And so I told them this morning…From near a top North Eastman Avenue to Belvedere Junior High down below is a mile long walk that I made each and every day no matter how cold the morning or how East LA hot the afternoon. I never ever once complained and I never made my parents late.

PS: The Administrative Team here at Casa Torres also serving as council to the mentioned patriarch cannot confirm the voracity of the claims the aforementioned is making. Mr. Torres has been hereby warned about his over seasoning of facts as it pertains to lecturing his offspring on cold mornings. We (the Administrative Team) apologize to any and all who may have been miffed by Mr. Torres

12:17 am

The wind coming from the west rakes the few leaves on the ground toward our rickety-sunbeat fence. Their rustle comes in waves and amplifies the creaking of bent nails, old wood and rusty hinges. The posts and beams of the homes 1950s design are starting to shed the heat they collected from a hot California October day and they moan occasionally with a start. There are no street lights so the night is engulfing our lot in all out darkness and pupils struggle to dilate enough to make sense of usually familiar surroundings. There is sound. The low hum of the refrigerator whose coil occasional twangs when the cooling cycle ends. Coos and sighs from the bedrooms. The leaves, the twigs and the branches cause the loudest cacophony and they are conspiring with one another. The home is reveling in its welcome of the shifting winds for those who are willing to listen to her.

Pulling Rank

Pulling rank isn’t something we like to do here at Casa Torres. 
All members of the clan (including dogs) are encouraged utilize the home’s amenities at their leisure or need. 
With that said, there are regular times in the morning when dad has been up a while, he’s been walking about doing morning chores, he’s had second cup coffee and may find himself in need to use the privy. 
At those times, that parent reserves the right to commandeer the bathroom over the objection of a yawning and lumbering 6th Grader.

In the Darkness

All the lights flicked off last night at 10:43 pm. 
The darkness that followed was eerie and gave me a peek of my home as I’ve never seen it before. Typically when the day is done and I get to bed I walk about confidently in the blackness taking cues from the remaining spots of light. There’s the nightlight in one of the bedrooms, the cool trail of blue light from our router, the green clock the stove gives off, or the red glowing buttons of the power-strips about. All of those were snuffed out last evening leaving the innards of our home engulfed in near crepuscule. Then a moment ago as I went to check on my unknowing kiddos I looked out the front windows and the familiar silhouette of my foothills to the north greeted my eyes. The envious moon could not let the absence of light have its way and it focused its attention to us below. It brought a bright smile to my face…right here in the dark.

The Belt that Binds

My old man used to promise me “the belt” from time to time. 
It was one of his most priced possessions and one day he’d pass it on to me. I could not care less of it. It represented how it bound him to the house that I wanted to leave desperately so I could go hang out with friends like other teens. In time I moved out permanently at what happened to the belt I do no know. I only thought of it today as I shopped for one so I could keep my most used tools near now that I’m working on home projects left and right. They aren’t chores and I have fun doing them.
 I suppose I have fallen in love with Casa Torres. My children might say I’m bound to it.

Buyers Remorse

It would take my father a good long while to bring it up. I could see the strain and just before he did it his shoulders would tense, the vein at his forehead engorged and he pumped his fists to gather up muster. Sometimes he was sweet and gentle. Sometimes demanding and callous. Most of the time he was wily in his pleads and he was certainly not always successful. 
That’s what it took sometimes for my mom to open up the purse strings if the purchase was over $100. I suppose that’s why I always think twice and compare to Casa Torres’ CFO before splurging on the latest tech.

Cock of the Walk

Woke up late again today because I could. 
After a generous helping of sausage and coffee I decided to step outside and enjoy the morning while the kids & their friends finished the rest of the Scooby Doo movie. My girls rushed at the first sound of my footsteps and in an instant I had them surrounding me and my warm mug. I greeted each one with love and they chirped right back at me. I felt rather cocky as they seem to make a fuss about me. 
That was until until the Road Island Red hen started pecking at my back while I sat and that reminded me that they needed more treats, their coops needs some repair before the rain and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I went shopping for more feed. 
Somehow now I have more chores to do and I’m afraid to walk into my home. I may find more to-do assignments therein.