I Am an Immigrant

I am an Immigrant.
I am flawed like all others but I have evidence that my contributions to America outweigh my foibles. I take pride in my heritage and I weave its impression to the fabric of this nation. I purposely took a pledge of allegiance to this land and swore to defend its ideals. I believe people are created equal, I believe that it is hard to form a more perfect Union and I believe that better days are ahead of us. 
I am an immigrant and I don

An Immigrant Gives Thanks

When we crossed the border many years ago seeking a new life it wasn’t glamorous and uncertainty was high. Our parents had a dream though and they hoped we’d realize it. 
Their hopes were simple. 
Contribute positively to the community that may adopt you, act in accordance to a set of commandments and educate yourselves so that you may educate others. My father knew he may not get to today with us but if he had he’d see something I consider special. All his immigrant children now adopted into the community of Citizenship coming together with families to give Thanks. 
He isn’t though so I get to share with others the pride he would have certainly felt because I know I do. 
Thank you America!

To the new Stewards

I know very few of you who voted for our next President because in my immediate circle there are almost none. Today you rejoice and I understand why you would. With that said, in a few short months a man will take the helm of this Country and work to reshape it to a shared vision. As this happens remember of what the original promise of America was and is supposed to be. Think of the women and men who may not look like you, who may not speak like you or who may not share your faith but who still contribute to the greater good. Do not erode the pillars that always made this Country great. Remember that though the highest seat is filled with someone you agree with that he is a servant of all the people in the land. 
Stewardship isn’t easy…be responsible.

Baton Rouge

I do what I can to bring a little joy to the world.
From the words I post, the photos I share, the smiles I give carelessly to random strangers. These aren’t vapid demonstrations. They are my way of contributing the best I can to a troubled country.  Because in a shortened week so many of my fellow Countrymen have died by the weaponry of their brothers and I hope that in my community my good will adds to the fabric that keeps us together.
At this moment, I feel despair creeping in but I’ll overcome it. I have to! I have children to raise right and a hardworking wife who deserves my very best. Tomorrow I’ll smile again at my fellow person and continue to contribute to the better good.

My hope is that my little bit of joy added to yours and so many others will tip the balance to a better world down the line.


“Es una Americana”
That was that first thing that crossed my parents minds when I introduced her for the first time.
Over the years they had grown accustomed to a shameful parade of women who I had brought home. But there was something about this young woman that they didn’t quite trust.
“In America, white women have loose morals” my mother warned me. “In America, blondes will break your heart and move on to the next man.” my father testified.
They shook hands and exchanged nervous pleasantries in broken English. Secretly they hoped that this young woman would amount to not much more than a common cold so I could then meet a wholesome Mexican girl.