Podcast: Conversations – Jennifer Carole the Lawyer’s Daughter

Jennifer Carol is an “Energy Life Coach and experienced marketing professional from Silicon Valley” whose life was forever altered by the rape and murder of her stepmom and the murder of her father in 1980. In recent years (2018) Joseph DeAngelo, who is now known to be the Golden State Killer, was arrested for this crime and dozens of other rapes, murders and burglaries throughout California in the late 1970s. On today’s episode, a thoughtful, energetic and empowered Jennifer shares details of the events of that traumatic day, her realization that she is part of a vast community of victims/survivors, changes in policing/investigation since the 1970s and her take on the trial of DeAngelo.
Warning: This Podcast deals with heavy subject matter.
Today on the Show:
Jennifer Carole Site and Blog:- https://jcarole.com/podcast/
Richard Ramirez (The Nightstalker) Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Ramirez
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I was scrawny baskethooper who dreamed of playing shooting-guard for the local team. Another high schooler though had taken my spot and I disliked him for it. He was a hot-dogger, he was cocky and he had not paid his dues. 
Then there was the scandal. He had a severe lapse in judgment and his life was brought down several pegs. He played on and grew up. 
At one point, like me, he became a father and all evidence tells me he was a good man. I had no dislike in my heart anymore. I never knew him but I mourn anyone that goes too soon. Even worse knowing that one of his prides and joys won

Podcast: Sister Sister – Hugo’s sis is moving back into the Torres home!

Hugo’s youngest sister called to ask for a big family favor. She needs to move in for a little while so that she can pursue a career opportunity. This simple requests causes Hugo to think about his creature comforts and his challenges with visiting family. He then talks about how he tackles making room for it all in his head.
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A Statement from Mr Torres

After many months of reflection and internal considerations, I have chosen to make a transition this year and carve a new role within the pantheon of the Castillo-Torres family.
I intend to step back as a elder within the Two Towers organization and give up the august wealth and influence my lineage has afforded me.
The goal is to live among you all as common folk burdened with what I have come to learn is a “mortgage” and “bills”?
While this transition occurs please accept my deepest thanks for all your continued support.

Podcast: Hugo 2020 – First Episode of the New Decade

Hugo is back for 2020 pontificating and pondering.  After a long’s month hiatus he’s decided to just record and let his stream of consciousness take over. In this episode Hugo talks about the wild fires destroying the land of Australia, the unnecessary conflicts the US of A finds itself in and the good things in his life he is looking forward to.
It is not the most poignant start to the year but its a start nonetheless and Hugo thanks you for your ears and your critiques. Reach out any time on Social Media.
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