Podcast: Lessons Strike Back – The impact of the Star Wars on a young Hugo

A long time ago in the 80s Hugo sat crisscross-apple-sauce in front of his family’s telly and watched the Star Wars. For the next three decades the films and its cannon has influenced the young Padawan. In this episode of the podcast he tells you how.
Today on the Show:
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Cold Spot

The first few times I arrived at what is now home I was relegated to the guest couch on the southern end of the living room. I dreaded that seat because my future in-laws had positioned it right under the a/c and heating vent which meant a constant blast of air any time we all sat watching the telly before Nic and I made our way back to her room to study.  
Two score and two years since then I have clawed my way to the best perch in the living room with no plans to relinquish it. 
Still, that guest couch remains, awaiting some wily suitor willing to pay her/his dues.