Podcast: Mansplaining – Men do it to each other too!

At a recent meeting Hugo made a point. Then a second later another man thought they knew how to better explain things and men their own effort. Hugo goes on to explain how this Mansplaining incident resonated with him as perpetrator and victim of this action.
Today on the Show:
Mansplaining: Urban Dictionary definition “A man whom by virtue of the authority and privilege vested in him by society feels entitled to preach or explain how the world works. Bonus, if he is speaking to women, whom he perceives to be naive and ignorant, about problems and concerns with which women have real life every day experience, and the man has NO fucking clue what he is talking about. This is usually done in a patronizing insensitive manner.”
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Podcast: Ass-Umptions – Hugo didn’t get the benefit of the doubt in a traffic situation.

Hugo got stuck in traffic recently whilst in a hurry to an errand. After getting an answer from the person who caused the traffic jam he tried to help other motorists deal with the situation. Some of the responses were not as polite as possible and that didn’t sit will with our protagonist. Hugo now tells us about the importance of giving people the benefit of the doubt.
Today on the Show:

Community Voice

I’ve been told that often ‘the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” Such was the case in our Community’s performing arts center on a recent eve where a crowd gathered to hear about the state of our schools.
The glossy agenda laid out the night’s speakers in bold letters Among the names a young lady had been scheduled to sing our Nation’s Anthem and kick off the program. As it happened, that featured performer took ill and at the last minute an understudy was found to treat the crowd.
The nervous teen took the stage and greeted both the spotlight and the awaiting audience with a nervous smile. Then, with no background music her strong and powerful voice radiated through the mic and speakers and the room was coated with her steady voice.
All was well until the moment in the song where we imagined the stripes and stripes gleam over the ramparts still standing after the barrage. Suddenly, the understudy in a light panic broke from the song and it was clear she had forgotten the lyrics to come. Disaster on stage was impending.
Then a natural thing happened. The crowd of Monrovians, young and old, all came to her aid by signing the line to come. This instant chorus then finished our nation’s pride in joyous communion and sent off the beaming understudy with a round of hearty claps.
I know this because I was there as a witness and as a voice in the throng.

Podcast: Revisionist History – Is your own life story true?

The Fall Season is upon Hugo and with the onset of Thanksgiving soon approaching he thinks on what he thought of the holiday then and what he thinks of it now. Thanks to a quick exchange with his son, Hugo thinks about the new histories kids are learning and how they contrast with his idyllic knowledge when he first came of the United State from Mexico.
Today On the Show:
Louis CK – Indians, White People and God’s Earth
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History:  https://www.dancarlin.com/hardcore-history-series/
Daniele Bolelli’s History on Fire: http://historyonfirepodcast.com/episodes
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