Podcast: Talk a Minute – Funds are Tight, Listener Compliments and More

Hugo doesn’t have a set agenda for this episode. No larger point he’s got to make with follow up calls to action. Today on the Pod Hugo talks about the challenge he’s facing in Sept 2019 as kids return back to school from a long and expensive Summer. With some fun and exciting interviews on the way this is Hugo taking a breather and just pontificate. We hope you enjoy!
Today on the Show:
Luxury Sex Towels interview: https://anchor.fm/hugotorres/episodes/Conversations-Anne-Rae—Luxury-Sex-Towels–More-e51vn4
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Far Off Giggles

My home office is a vigorous stone’s throw away from the campus my children went to for their primary years. Even in the cacophony of little voices I used to make out their laughter from my window facing west. Now that they’ve moved on to bigger challenges my ears can’t detect them.
It’s sill nice to hear the occasional booming sounds of little people coming from down the street it just doesn’t have that last bit of twang that made it all the sweeter.

Mom’s Kiss

On occasion I give my kin a peck before they go to bed. Last evening as I did this and turned off their bedroom light a thought pierced my heart. I cannot remember the last time my mother kissed me goodnight or goodbye. She has been away so long that I’ve forgotten her embrace. Surely by now her pace has gotten a little slower and she’s shrunk a noticeable millimeter or two then when we were last in the same Country together. 
I chuckled at the thought of a 42 year old missing his mama. It was a front though to myself because if I could have a hug or a kiss right now I’d gladly take it.

Wrinkly Americans

My wife and I were flanked at the thread mills by two Wrinkly-Americans. Possibly 25 years our senior they moved slowly onto the machines and pushed the buttons quizzically to make them go. They paid no mind to time, us or the busy bodies around them. They figured out their routine and from time to time checked in on each other in a half nagging sort of way.
My wife and I looked at one another and noted the glimpse at a possible future. It looked pretty alright.

Conversations: Anne Rae – Luxury Sex Towels & More

In 2016, Anna B. was thoroughly exasperated. Tired of sleeping in the wet spot after sex and conversations bemoaning the lack of sex clean-up products on the market, she determined to change the market and way people view aftercare.  Fortified with lattes and the belief that aftercare shouldn’t be an afterthought, Anna launched her business, AnnaRae, in the spring of 2017. Today, Anna and her team proudly offer beautiful, handmade sex clean-up towels in a range of sizes and colors. A proud LGBTQIAP+ positive, woman-owned business, with products made in Texas, AnnaRae has a passion to provide quality aftercare merchandise.
Hugo and Anna Rae discuss entrepreneurship, family life, sexuality and luxury sex towels on today’s eye opening show.
Today on the Show:
Luxury Towels & More by Anna Rae: http://byAnnaRae.com
Anna Rae on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/thecumpanion
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Podcast: Coveting Grapes – We want what others have but it doesn’t make us happy. What might?

From the moment we are born we begin to model the behaviors of others and shape our desires based on what others have. If we allow ourselves to covet too much the stuff of others we risk the chance of losing ourselves on unhappy pursuits. Hugo discusses the times he’s been led astray and the steps he has taken to keep his unhealthy wants at bay.

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