Humoring the Humorist

Standing and facing west from the corner of Myrtle Avenue & Lime I spotted three lanky, sweaty and tousled-haired teenagers. With skateboards at their side they were walking towards the prominent statue of Samuel Clemens at the south-east corner of Library Park. As they came closer to it their strides grew long and they started mimicking monkeys who then danced around the mustachioed bronze artwork. Unaware of my audience they made goofy noises and taunted Mr Clemens with silly questions and remarks. 
“You’re not so smart sitting here in the sun huh Mr. Einstein.” “Why don’t you 3.14 yourself an umbrella Mr. Smarty Pants” they shouted. 
When they noticed my approach they stopped and I took a moment to point out that they had their figures wrong. “That’s Mark Twain fellas” I told them with a smile and they stood there with a polite but quizzical look on their face. Then I pointed to the Library in the background and told them that they could learn more about him in there. 
They laughed and one, the shortest of the three retorted. “We Might.”