The Hot Mom

Leafing over our annual Photobook my youngest came upon a collage of shots from the 20 years Mom Torres and I have courted. Surprised, she stopped at the image of a blonde hottie being embraced by a guy that sort of looks like me but with more hair. She looked up at me and seriously inquired who she was. When I answered

Tip of the Glacier

Just off Richardson Highway a bit north of Thompson Pass I took my first step upon a Glacier. Like all other surreal moments in my life I took a second in the cold to wonder how a kid from Xochimilco, Mexico had found his way to the land of Alaska to hike a massive work of nature in plain old sneakers. From the moment I set foot out and way of my parent’s threshold I’ve been experiencing life’s grand adventure. 
Not all times have been easy…I’ve slept in my car a few times, I’ve gone hungry. I’ve made too many mistakes to count and answers haven’t always come easy. It’s my “glass half full” attitude that makes me appreciate all those hardships and propels my adoration for what is great in my life. 
The woman I married, the children we are raising, the dogs, the iguana, the chickens and possible pig. 
Tomorrow I join all those in their 40s and the third decade of my life comes to an end…but I am counting on the belief that there are more surreal moments for my eyes and heart to take in and that makes all the difference.

I Never

I never as a kid…wore my pajamas to school, have a class for just puzzles, taken out of school for In-N-Out hamburgers w/mates, have Subway subs with my teacher at lunch time, have Santa as a super-close friend of the family, walked in a parade with my school, have a DJ play tunes during my lunch hour…had my dad record all his observations for me to read and roll my eyes at years later.