Fogged Up

We all get used to seeing the familiar and on occasion we take it for granted. Then something happens and you remember why you fell in love in the first place. As I looked north from my home today, constantly blue skies had been replaced by a blanket of grayness. Every time I walked outside the foothills changed and made the day feel like Fall. Many out there may not understand my excitement and typically overcast skies with cool temps aren’t a thing to write home about. But in this land of a near endless summers some here come to cherish a little break from the blue and to have a chance to throw on another cover on the bed.

Cartoonish Aspirations

When I was a boy I used to need to read the funny-papers. 
I’d laugh at Chuck; puzzle over Doonesbury, though Cathy was cute, Garfield needed to lay off lasagna, or thought Family Circus was far fetched. Most off the characters were my friends and I got to see them on the daily. 
Several times I’d ponder about the talents behind the panels. How could people keep on coming up with quirky ideas and silly observations on a daily basis and get them on the page so often? They would have to be super smart, observant and obviously cool. I wanted to be just like them. Sadly I can’t draw and so my wish never came through but I still read the funnies when I can and still chuckle anytime Marmaduke eats something he knows he shouldn’t have.


Right there on Foothill Avenue while I sat for a light and traffic to move I spotted a momma and her baby walking. The little one with her curly-cues and unsteady feet fell to the cold ground and rightfully gave out a cry. Momma kneeled at her and without words opened her arms to a baby who needed a hug. Once picked up they held each other in embrace and slowly the tragedy came to an end. I’ve now seen many moms do this. My wife, my sisters, many a friends. It’s a gift…one of the most valuable.

You Can Say That Again

So I sit here and I listen intently because my friend is telling the story with such delight. She’s gesturing and pausing for effect. You can sense the excitement as she relishes in the details. Funny thing is she told me the exact story just two days ago as I sat in the same spot. But I’m enjoying the double-feature and wondering…will I in my later years apologize to folks for bugging them with my tall tales twice…have I done so already and haven’t been the wiser?

When Snail Mail Counts

My parents were Catholic, Conservative and proper so we didn’t really talk about it. I had a lot of questions but it was better to stay clear. Was super interested in High School but outside of a few opportunities here and there I didn’t partake too much. College was different and I experimented. Maybe too much. My late 20s and 30s cemented a lot for me but there’s always wiggle room and who knows what changes my 40s and beyond will bring. Politics are my sport though and even at their grimiest I still seek the rush of Elections, debate and how Democracy evolves

Give me a Break

My dad and I got on the 60 Freeway going east at about 5:00 pm one day. I was 16 and it was a driving lesson. Back then our family had an old Ford Econoline van and I was in charge of it’s 5,000 pounds. Traffic was light as I got on the road and I was having fun feeling the van taking speed as I pressed on the accelerator. I kept on looking down at the Speedometer, proudly conscious the effect of my pressing foot and how it then moved the needle. I was so mesmerized that I didn’t really see the red lights in front of me and the traffic that had begun to stall. Right under the 710 freeway my father yelled at me to stop and by luck I found the Brake. The van’s wheels screeched and I felt my dad’s hands at my chest. When we were stopped he looked at me for a while and then we had to move on. I didn’t drive again for a while and I can’t say I blame him.

Boy and his Dog

My boy fell ill. His little body aching and tears streaming down his cheek. We put him to bed because he needed to sleep. As I turned off the light to the bedroom and urged him to rest I noticed his dog sitting right next to him. He was looking at his kid and would not move. He laid there most the night. My kiddo is tough and is alright now and for the record his dog and I don’t always seem to see eye to eye. But he loves my tyke unconditionally and that’s all I need to know.