Out Dated

While waiting to meet their new pediatrician my kiddos found an old typewriter to play with. With an office full of familiar toys and coloring books featuring their favorite characters, my children opted to explore the odd machine.

I watched from a fair distance. Seeing their fingers gravitate towards the metal keys and listening to the familiar clack. Like a piano they struck the keys quickly and they felt into a trance like state when the metal cracked against the black rolling pin.

Then my son discovered a piece of paper that bore letters. I think I saw the flash of the bulb go off in his head. “You use this to write words or even sentences” I’m sure he realized.

With their usual melodramatic energy they started the process of figuring out how to insert the paper into the machine and it was at this point in intervened. Without a word I fed the crisp white sheet into the slot and used the crank wheel to move it into place.

As they struggled searching for the letters that made up their names my son exclaimed loudly to his sister. “How did they ever survive with this technology.”

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud to the point where they both glanced back in confused amusement.

I don’t know kids. I just don’t know.

Artifact from a Land Before Time