My Review: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

The Library accomplishes it’s objective. It tells the story of the life and times of President Reagan in an interesting and engaging way.

He was a man who lived a full life and his time in front of the camera helps tell his story in entertaining visuals. There is so much to see at the library and I like the way that the lay out helps a visitor follow a tight narrative.

Like all Presidential libraries, it is not conducive to children under the age of 10 who do not understand the history of a man who served in the white house over 30 years ago. This is certainly a place for adults who will take the time to read and reminisce.

One of the darkest part of the Reagan story is the assassination attempt and this is presented in a jarring and dramatic fashion. The little ones were truly affected at this part and it does remind the visitor that the attack put his life in real jeopardy and that others risked and lost so much in their duty to protect the Commander in Chief.

In contrast, visiting and walking through Air Force one is an inspiring highlight by all means of the imagination and the plane does not disappoint. It is showcased in the most fantastic of ways and brought goosebumps to my arm when I first laid my eyes on it.

My one concern with the library is that it paints to rosy of a picture of the policy results of the Reagan years. Little to no mention is made of the scandals that plagued the presidency and the interactive monopoly style games towards the end of the tour are too simple in their treatment of Reaganomics. I would encourage curators to take more risk in this regard for I don’t feel that it would tarnish the reputation of a well beloved head of state.

Altogether, I am a fan of the library and will return to it again when the kids are older.

Replica of Ronald Reagan’s Oval Office

My Book Review: I Am Legend

I Am Legend and Other StoriesI Am Legend and Other Stories by Richard Matheson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Once upon a time I knew “I am Legend” as a zombie story (made into a film)and after the outstanding fun of World War Z I decided to give the written version a try.

It should go without saying then that I was truly surprised and jarred some when the story’s antagonist spoke, interacted and shared the dark gift of the vampire.

This unexpected turned at first seemed off putting but as the protagonist mental and physical decay started to unfold I really began to care about his particular lot and the story became involving.

The ending was surprising. Different from the film, it took a tragic turn that Hollywood is too chicken to take. That as well impressed me.

The stories that accompany this tale did not grab me and so as a whole I feel the lower rating is needed. I am Legend on its own is sad, creepy and a page turner. I recommend it over the flick.

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