You should never know..
That my legs are sore and that I feel a twinge at my calf every other step.
My neck feels every careless bounce of your body as you point things out or wiggle to peek at your brother.
My back, pits and arms are perspiring heavily as the sun’s heat focuses on them.
I can tear bits of my dry lips since I’d rather you have the water.
Those are the silly worries of your loving and loyal camel.
“Oh I see the tiny birds honey….”

iPads for All?

I heard through the grape-vine that my child’s school could be implementing a program where he and his future classmate could be receiving iPads for educational purposes.

I was/am thrilled.

Then it was rumored that some parents were concerned by the program because a damaged or broken machine could put a heavy financial burden on a family.

Though I understand the concern, I feel it’s a mistake to not provide our children access to a technology simply because we as parents are afraid of costs. In essence, we are putting a price limit on our children’s education and it lies in the range of $500 or less.

That low?

Today, any one of us adults, could get a parking, speeding, texting while driving ticket that would cost as much if not more than the iPads we are worried about loosing. Should then we stop traveling our byways so as to avoid the heavy financial burden?

What about the cost associated with our children not having another educational opportunity that will help them accomplish more in the years to come? Is the potential $500 investment not worth the reward?

Are some parents simply giving up before we’ve even started and admitting that they have no intention of monitoring their child’s use of the tool?

I stand with giving children the opportunity to handle, work and become comfortable with a technology that will become more and more relevant in the years to come. The costs is real but our potential loss in education is more troubling.

Talk Around the Waterhole: A Play

Bird One: You seein’ Larry over there?
Bird Two: Yeah! Always posing for the fuckin’ camera. Can’t stand that guy!
Bird One: I know right!? I mean…come on now. Get fuckin’ clue already. It ain’t all about you.
Bird Three: That a-hole…you know he cheated on my sista!
Bird Two: No fuckin’ way brother!?
Bird Three: Yeah and he’s got some nerve coming around this place.
Bird One: Fuckin’ bastard!
Bird Two: So what you want to do bout’ it?
Bird Three: Nuttin’ now. I got me a plan.
Bird One & Two: Kool kool!


I heard my son’s voice bounce like a ping pong ball about the ancient rocks. Reverberating free and carelessly.

Unaware of it’s significance he played gleefully on the cool pink sands of the alien desert escape. Racing up steep dunes with winged feet. His grin bared in delight.

My daughter joined him. Wild and fiery her tiny voice filled the ancient valley. Her laughter roared up its walls and coated them with her spirit.

They joined a thousand hearts who have passed through these natural passages.