The Old Spot

We headed out to our old spot yesterday. A tiny bit of sand in Malibu that is open to the public.

We used to go there in college because it was free parking and we were starving students. Interestingly enough it’s still there.

Returning to it was a fun experience. Now our squids get to enjoy the waters like we used to.

It’s also interesting to see that other couples now call this place their own like we used to do.

Healthy Young Man

Went for a physical this morning and was told that I’m a “healthy young man” BUT:
I need to eat less meat.
I need to drink less.
I have allergies that I didn’t know anything about.
I need to sleep more.
I have borderline high cholesterol.
I have ingrown nails and need to soak my feet every now and then.
They are also checking me for:
Hepatitis C.
Not sure if I feel better after the visit and the results of all the tests will soon be coming in.
It used to be a lot easier back in them days. I was 20 something and invincible.