Cheat Guys Guide to Dating

From the archives (Circa 1998):
When in the course of cheap people’s events it becomes necessary to indulge in the social bonds creating by the dating arena, it must be understood that a healthy mountain of resources must be attained.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, a dating person will need cash, a car and a knowledge of good dining establishments. Nevertheless, if some of these resources are not available then it might be wise to have some alternative venues to fall back upon.
Therefore, this week’s dating tip will focus on one of the many colorful suggestions that readers have submitted during the last few weeks. Second touched upon will be an inexpensive outing which could be undertaken over the course of an average day at the Cal State LA campus.
In the tradition of the many “cheap” men and women, this week the President of the Associated Students Inc. of CSLA will promote one of the most innovative ideas brought fourth to this series. Hector Barajas explained that on Wednesdays and Sundays, the McDonald’s chain of restaurants offers great deals on hamburgers. On days like these, a person can buy up to 20 delicious burgers for 29 or 30 cents.
What Barajas further suggests is that one these certain days, it would be wise to buy quantities of hamburgers and then freeze them. Therefore, as the week goes by and the need for sustenance becomes unbearable, a person could indulge in a succulent feast by simply taking out his or her frozen burger and popping it into the microwave.
Also, if push comes to shove, and you were not to have enough to take an intended lover to an expensive restaurant then you can always fall back on your stack of hamburgers.

Just remember that presentation is a key part in any date, so dress up your burger. Instead of keeping it in the old McDonalds’ box, place it on a plate, and instead of serving a can of soda, wash a glass and pour the soda into it. A little detail can go a long way in disguising a cheap date…..