The UT Job – Deep Archives

I haven’t written in ages. I miss it.

Sometimes it seems that I forget about it due to laziness. Or sometimes I’m so involved in making the aspects of my life coexist in merriment that taking the time to jot down a few words seems trivial. But now I sit here waiting to know how my financial future will play out and in order to get my mind away from it I come back to my little journal to carp, cry and ponder.

It’s windy on this Wednesday April 15th. I’ve been officially out of a job for 4 days and in the hunt for a Staff Writer position at the University Times. It seems that my party days are threatening to hurt me here.

I am perfect for this position. I write well, I love the spotlight, I know the campus and I like the people. But my past is the Achilles heel for me. I’m vulnerable in that area….

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