Education and Brown Sugar

 It seems inconsequential…my daughter needs brown sugar for her recipe and rushed out to get it.

What isn’t so obvious is that she needs it for an on-line school assignment that starts at a set time and will be broadcast to her teacher and peers. At this moment I am thankful to have the time and ability to rush out and get her what she needs so she’s in compliance with her school work.

But what if I weren’t here?

What if I was like the millions of people whose work or career or necessity takes them away from the home-school everyday and entrust their younglings to be accountable for all the hiccups that come in current education?

How do I convey to my children the relative privilege they enjoy because of how their family’s economy is structured?

Am I more patient with the tribulations of other families who, in spite of wanting to succeed, struggle daily with the reengineering of how we are teaching?

All from a $2.99 bag of brown sugar.


I make breakfast, dinners, brunches, pack snacks, do midnight burger runs, stuff sack lunches for first days of school, pick up a pizza on the way back home after a late Open House, grill steaks on the 3rd, 4th & 8th of July, bake chocolate chips cookies cause she craves them, pop popcorn before popping in a movie & fix the occasional cocktail for good measure.