Bill comes Due

The first time I shelled out over $100 at a grocery store was at a Vons in Montebello. My girlfriend and I had just moved into a little one bedroom apartment (with a peeping site manager) and we needed to fill our hand-me-down fridge. I wasn’t happy! Fast forward 2 decades and how I long for them “cheaper” store runs. Don’t tell me about the bill when these kids turn to trends…my heart and wallet just can’t take it.

All Apologies

I owe an apology. To my parents because now that I think of it I didn’t give them enough moments of sheer terror like my children do. Did I charge the camera? Do I need to move meetings around? How will I navigate the sea of parents also trying to get a picture? Does she know I’m here and I didn’t forget? I just wasn’t that kind of student. Luckily (for my mom at least) her grandchildren succeed where I didn’t and I don’t might riding their coat-tails a bit.

Grew Up Fast

I got the keys, I got them in the car, I waved them off, I got stuck in traffic, I poured some coffee, I worked on client files, I poured more coffee, I paid a few bills and then I and I and I. 
Some mornings it hits me that adulthood snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking. Then again at least I haven’t lost wanting to know where the ducks go in the Winter time.


My pop bought a juicer once from a guy! For a few weeks there we’d get carrot juice after church. Sunday after Sunday we had carrots. I grew to hate’m and also scraping their pulp off the sides of the machine I had to clean. Ironic that sometimes when give a choice at the Jamba Juice that I’d choose some carrot goodness. Guess it makes me feel like a kid again.

The Doors

I’ve literally opened doors for hundreds of people over the years. I like doing it and if it helps someone a little I say why not. But it does grind my gears when a person doesn’t give a “thank you.” Or not even an acknowledgment? Will it bother me the rest of the day? No…but a pointed post does give me some relief.

Shave and a Haircut

We practiced it! “I need a Number 3 around with a fade and long sides. Half the length a top from what I have now and please thin it out. I wear it spiky!” Now I’m watching my boy holding as still as he can on the chair as the clippers drop bits of hair on his nose he’s dying to itch. Funny how in just minutes he’ll look older and taller. Thanks Mr Barber Man.

Kings Country

Awe when reached is a humbling experience. It may serve as a reminder of our relative size among all things, the briefness of our time on earth or the elemental connection we have with all about us. Now imagine sharing a long string of experiences like this with a core group of great friends over the years. Seeing world wonders time after time in our own California back yard. Instilling onto our children the sense of awe that the desert, ocean or forest imposes. 
That’s what this weekend was about. 
It was precious and it was awesome.