The Long and Short of It

The first time I ever heard of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) was in college and over the years some have wondered if A..ADD (Adult ADD) runs in my blood.
After all, I am the type of guy who on any given hour can have two lap tops going, take phone calls, send a text and still have enough brain power to crack a silly joke.
So I suppose that is why I often write very brief blog posts that are structured with short paragraphs of a sentence or two.
I do this in part because of my old college newspaper editor who constantly harangued me for having long over descriptive paragraphs in the style of Melville. Most of my old stories were covered in red ink as she tried to reign in my liberal use of adjectives and dramaticism.
As I’ve become older and I read more blogs and news on-line I’ve noticed that I tend to skip postings whose paragraphs are like my old college stories. Long paragraphs don’t work on someone like me who wants smart, concise and short points to ponder.
So, for all my fellow bloggers out there, how do you structure your postings? Are you the wordy type who craves description?

I’d like to know.